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Lumens Versus Kelvin

What are the Lumens and what is the Kelvin of a light bulb? We get asked this question time after time after time. 

Most consumers either do not know or confuse Lumen with Kelvin and Kelvin with Lumen.

Here are quick definitions of each:


Lumen is a unit of measurement for the brightness of light. If a Bulb is blindingly bright, it produces a high lumen number.  The term "watts" used to give a good idea of how much light a bulb would produce, but for LED it is not Watts but Lumens.

The Newer and Latest Technology LED product will product 130-150 Watts per Lumen compared to older technology LED products that produce 80-100 Watts per Lumen. 


Kelvin is a measurement used to describe the color temperature of a light source in degrees Kelvin (K). This is the specification that gives a description for the warmth or coolness of a light source.

A "warm" color temperature has a Kelvin Temperature of 2700-3000K. A "cool" color temperature has a temperature of 4000-4500K.

Daylight is in the 5000-6000K range. 

Anything above 6000k will have a very definite blue tint.



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